AD & FD POHL Leung Sing Tak School

Tablets not only add more fun to lessons, but their mobility can also extend students’ learning experience to the dynamic outdoors.

Samsung Smart School Graduate AD & FD POHL Leung Sing Tak School organized a campus orientation activity for their students.  Unlike any typical orientation, tablets were used for an “e-Campus Hunt”.

To prepare for “e-Campus Hunt”, students were taught, in groups of two to three, to view the campus floor plan on their tablets. Then, they began their most anticipated activity – stepping outside of the classroom, and following hints and instructions on their tablets to “check in” at different locations.

By scanning the QR Code at different checkpoints with their tablets, students’ locations would be shown on their teacher’s tablet. Students’ whereabouts as well as the progress of each student could therefore be tracked and monitored remotely. Each tablet was equipped with an on-screen timer, which conveniently reminded students of the activity’s remaining time.

Students prepare for the “e-Campus Hunt” at the campus playground by displaying the school floor plan on tablets.
Students use tablets to scan QR Codes at different checkpoints.

Tablets provide some hints to students and guide them towards finding the right check-in location. Students show their enjoyment in the “e-Campus Hunt” with big smiles.